In Light of All this Prime Time Blackness…

Have ya’ll noticed how there are a bunch of Black people on television these days?

We’re not talking about the evening news or guests on Maury. We’re talking about actual actors and actresses of color with leading roles and lines devoid of stereotypical jive talk. We’re talking Black television stars who aren’t just making cameo appearances as gangsters and/or prostitutes only to be shot down or carted off to prison within the first five minutes of the show. We’re talking real characters  with actual stakes in the plot and story line.

We’re talking  Black entertainment!

Found on other channels outside of BET!

We’re excited about this wonderful phenomenon happening on American television and we’ve got a lot to say about what we’re watching and what we’re seeing as we watch.

Welcome to Let’s Talk Color TV–where we talk ALL ABOUT THE BLACK EXPERIENCE ON THE SMALL SCREEN. Sure we’re going to celebrate and congratulate but we also won’t hesitate to call out a show for coonery or any other type of bull. Our rating system is as follows:


BLAZIN’-Everything is right with this show. Everything. This is the REAL! The BOMB. The BUSINESS. That GOOD GOOD. Everybody should be watching it in real time.Everybody.


RIGHTEOUS- This show has most elements working for it and you should watch it. But if you miss an episode, or binge-watch at the end of a season, no one is going to trip.


SOLID-Eh. It’s likely this show is cool enough to attract a large audience. If you tell someone you watch, you won’t get looked at like you’re hella dumb.


A’IGHT- If there is seriously NOTHING else better to watch, you can watch this and be entertained but you’ll be shaking your head and swearing at the screen all through it.


BUNK- Why is this show REALLY on television? Someone please let us know. We have tried like hell to figure this out but we can’t. Sweet Cheesus, we can’t.

Stay tuned for our first write-up on Luke Cage. Until then, happy watching!

Copyright © 2016 Let’s Talk Color TV. All rights reserved. Do not use or reproduce without permission.

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