Why Watching #Insecure is Necessary as F***…


Image courtesy of HBO.

I’ve loved Issa Rae since she dissected C-Murder’s Down for My N’s. When I heard that she had scored a deal with HBO to convert her Awkward Black Girl Youtube series into regular television programming, I knew I’d need to set an alarm for myself to tune in. However, I had no idea that Insecure would save my life each week. And what I mean by saving my life is this: Insecure goes out of its way to paint a real, clear, colorful, funny, intelligent, uncomfortable and necessary portrait of what it is to lead a young, Black female existence in this day and age. When I watch, I’m empowered to be me just as I am. That’s cool as f***.


If you have slept on the past six episodes, I really have to ask…. what’s up with you? Get your life and watch this show. What have you missed thus far?

  • A true-to-life portrayal of what it is like to be the only Black employee in a community outreach organization targeted at at-risk youth of color. (It’s some ol’ bull.)
  • The way that at-risk youth perceive such Black community organizers as being suspect or plain corny at best. (As if the concept of “each one, teach one” is easy. Not.)
  • An authentic portrayal of what it’s like to be the sole Black face in a law firm. (It’s also some ol’ bull.)
  • How taking the other new Black face in the law firm under your wing and letting them know what’s up can backfire for no real intelligent reason. (Some folks just never want to listen to good, experienced advice.)
  • How best girlfriends in Cali call each other “bitch” but mean no harm by it. (Yeah, that’s real.)
  • How being Black and upwardly mobile doesn’t mean that you are somehow removed or out of touch with any and/or every other socio-economic situation. (Your neighbors, coworkers, friends, potential dates still range from ‘hood to Hollywood and it’s all good.)
  • The real bummer it is to live with a man who is out of work. (Yes, you lose respect for his ass, you don’t want to sex him and other guys begin to look real tempting.)
  • How both men and women are always able to smell trouble in a romantic relationship and capitalize on it. (Cheating is almost too easy.)
  • The seriously uncool way Black women will dismiss Black men who lack a college education despite the fact that everything else is right with him. (Ladies, why?)
  • The seriously uncool way that there is a double standard between men and women when it comes to sexual experimentation and how it seems to be worse among Black folks. (We are homophobic like a muthaf…)

I haven’t even begun to touch on all of the themes that pop up in this show, and that’s what makes this show such a winner. Whereas in the past, every Black show on television had to make up for the Good Times generation by being another iteration of The Cosby Show, Insecure delivers Black humanity with the compassion and frankness the American audience has been missing forever. In this show, there is no need for a some slick, perfected portrayal of Black achievement to make up for stereotypes or common misconceptions. (That kind of lens has done us all a disservice. I’m not perfect and I shouldn’t have to be to be respected, dammit.) Instead, there is unapologetic Blackness with all of its beauty and faults and oddities and awesomeness. In my opinion, this idea of Blacks as fallible humans with real feelings and human motivations is far more revolutionary–and is exactly the kind of consciousness needed on television since Living Single was cancelled. (Yes, I’m still bitter about that.)

Go ahead and binge-watch this show so you can check out the latest episode this Sunday night on HBO. You won’t be disappointed. In addition to getting renewed for a second season, it gets a blazin’ five fists in the air from me. One.





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